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by rcollum

A message from our President, Dr. Mark Franke:

We’re all obviously going through some very difficult times. I am sure everyone is going through personal and professional stressors that we would never think possible in our lifetimes.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting information out there as well. However, there are some good sources of reliable facts and recommendations from NIH and Dr Anthony Fauci. Be reassured there is a lot of science going on and folks looking for solutions.  Dr. Fauci did a wonderful interview on the Joe Rogan show on Friday and has as much information as anyone needs at this point. Well worth listening to, with no filter and just facts. It is on YouTube.

As a part-time ER doc, now doing tons of telemedicine, I can say the following: Stay home. Social distancing is the only thing that we know that works at this point. There are no wonder drugs coming in the short-term. Virus spreads fairly easily, so cars and coffee and large group gatherings are not in the immediate future. That being said, social isolation is not good either. Stay in touch with your friends and family. Texting does not convey sentiment or emotion, so call your family or your friends or face time or snapshot or whatever works. Human communication elevates the spirit.  I would encourage you to share pictures of your car or your project or whatever is giving you sustenance. We would all like to see it; post it on our website, or email it to Bob Collum.

I have had lots of messages about ‘hey what can I do?’, and I have said the following. Do something for your neighbor or an elderly couple who needs groceries. Donate to 1 of the many go fund me groups that is donating food to the emergency department, ICUs , first responders and police who are working every day. Those folks need your support . They are going to work every day despite knowing the risks. I saw four them rush into a room last week, without hesitation and save someone’s life. 30 years in my career, and I was still at a loss for words. Here is a good example of a business stepping up to help the helpers:


So be like Mr. Rogers, optimistic and helpful to the guy next door. And maybe, just maybe, after this we will see Duane McQueen driving his Lotus :-)

Mark Franke
I am available to email if anybody has any questions: mfranke@cox.net

Upcoming Spring 2020 Events:

Britain on the Green, originally scheduled for Sunday, April 26th, has been cancelled. If you had already paid to pre-register, you should be contacted via email, to see if you want your registration fee refunded, or donated to a charity. (Thanks to Jenn Glahn for the charity option suggestion!)

At the current time, the Summit Point Jefferson 500 weekend – scheduled for May 15th thru 17th, is still ‘on’, but this will be reviewed by the venue on or around April 15th.

Our 19th semi-annual GYLO (Get Your Lotus Out) event is still scheduled for Sunday, May 31st. We will review the situation sometime in mid-May.

Our website continues to be a way we can all keep informed. I continue to post pictures each weekend; I am posting retrospective pictures, since all cars & coffee events are cancelled for the time being. We are listing motorsport-related videos that Bob Scates has found. Kevin McKracken, in addition to providing the website itself, continues to post various news items relating to Lotus.  You are invited to post pictures of your car, or your project, or whatever you are doing, on our website. If you can’t figure out how to post, email them to me – Robert_collum@hotmail.com


Bob Collum, Mark Franke
NoVA Lotus

by rcollum

Darryl's (Odds & Ends Detailing) business address:


by rcollum

While you are stuck at home, I'm sure you would like to have something interesting to do. Bob Scates, NoVA Lotus' own movie critic, has found these motorsport-related videos:

1.) On Amazon Prime:  A superb movie from 1971 about Jim Garner and his racing team, with a Lola T-70 MkIII in Daytona and Sebring (where they still did the running across the track Le Mans style start) and also a TS-5 Formula A car, with cameos by David Hobbs, Mario, Chris Amon, Jackie Ickyx etc - lots of great racing action with Ferrari 312, Ford GT40, Porsche 908. All kinds of car problems, and a big wreck at St Jovite. It is called "Racing Scene". Garner was like Paul Newman, he got into racing from being in a racing movie. There is also a superb documentary on Paul Newman racing.

2.) An epic racing doc , on Netflix, called "A Life of Speed- The Juan Manuel Fangio Story" super well done, even Sharon found it to be fascinating!
Statistically he really was the greatest of all time, proving it with 5 world championships in 4 teams.

3.) Well done doc, features the Lotus team as well. Also, on Netflix check out "A Life of Speed" on Juan Manuel Fangio, five time F1 champ in the '50s, extremely well done, even my wife enjoyed it!


by rcollum

No cars & coffee, but please consider calling in a food order to support Katie's. You can pick your food up at a drive-through, right in front of Katie's, to take it home.

Carry-out food can be ordered at (703)759-3309.

 --Bob Collum


by ksm
National Geographic's Car SOS show is featuring an S1 Esprit.  The date is confusing.  Might be for the UK.  The Car SOS graphic that they posted to Facebook says tonight (Thursday, Mar 26th); but the National Geographic web page says Tuesday Mar 31.  In the US, it might only be on Disney.  Well, here's the info anyway:

Date might be for the UK only:
car sos - esprit

National Geographic web page:

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Lotus: All-new petrol sports car coming in 2021 by ksm
The Evija isn't the only Lotus coming soon. The British brand has confirmed it's readying an all-new sports car for 2021.


Lotus Logo

Lotus Cars will expand its model range with a new, yet-to-be-revealed sports car while also diversifying into new segments.

With just three models currently in its stable – Elise, Exige and Evora – Lotus Cars regional director for Asia Pacific and China, David McIntyre, confirmed the Chinese-owned British carmaker will reveal an all-new model in 2021.

The company sold 1519 cars globally in 2019, and while that represented 23 per cent growth year-on-year, the small-scale manufacturer admits it needs larger volume to become a sustainable and profitable business.

“Fifteen-hundred-and-nineteen units is a very small number globally and it doesn’t allow us to achieve some of the economies of scale that we need to be a long-term sustainable, independent, and profitable business. So we need to go into new segments to be able to that," McIntyre told media.

“We have new products coming, we’re going into new segments, but we’re not going to talk about those until they’re actually available.”


While he wouldn’t be drawn on whether the company had plans for an SUV in its future portfolio, McIntyre did confirm the next model in the brand’s range would stick close to the hearts of Lotus purists around the world.

“We have said the next product will be a sports car and it will be revealed at some point next year – and it will come with an internal combustion engine,” he said.

“We also need to bring in new technologies and revitalise the brand. And I think the presentation of the Evija was a real statement of intent – we can do new things, we can go into new segments, that we can build a hypercar. But hypercars are not going to deliver the volume either.

“So we will go into new segments. We have some great product planned; we can’t talk about them yet. But we do know we need to go into new segments to deliver significant growth.”


Previous – unconfirmed – reports have stated Lotus will revive the Elan nameplate on a two-seat convertible sitting above the Elise which, ironically, replaced the Elan in 1995.

The Elan would reportedly be built on the all-new lightweight, rivet-bonded alloy core platform that is set to replace the brand’s existing two platforms.

Additionally, the first production examples of the Lotus Evija – the brand’s all-electric $3 milllion, 1470kW hypercar – are slated for first customers by the end of the year.