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by lostu
I first must admit that I am an S3 Elan owner and the car in question is owned by a neighbor. The car is an '05 Elise with about 35K miles. Last week the car alarm went off and he went to shut it off through the normal procedure of hitting the alarm button on his key fob. He is the original owner and had an issue with the key fobs in the near past (He did replace both fobs and reset one fob to work with the car).  Nothing would turn off the alarm and the battery was disconnected. Now the car is in my garage(towed) and we're trying to figure out what the problem is. The car will not turn over and engages the alarm when trying  to start it. There is a sequence to reset the alarm, which is supposed to illuminate the alarm indicator light with flashing patterns. The light doesn't even come on. It was suggested to disarm the immobilizer by completely bypassing the module.
I am reaching out to anyone who may have resolved and issue like this before.
Greg Foster
by ksm
Searching for running shoes.  111 search results!
by pegpilot
Age and health are forcing me to part with my 1971 Lotus Elan Coupe. However, as I am somewhat eccentric, price is not my criterion for sale. I have converted the twin cam to electronic fuel injection. In the best case I find a new owner that is capable of debugging any remaining software issues that arise (though hopefully I've found all the bugs!) - thus avoiding the inevitable depression that will strike me if it turns out that I am the only one to enjoy the advantages in operation conferred by the injection. E.g. if you tell me you are going to convert it back to carbs I will be very sad.

Any takers ?

Dan Rovner

by ksm
I'll be there with my Elise.
by vbtodd
Hoping to make it up for this show this weekend. My plan is to bring up the Esprit...my Lotus luck hasn't been too good recently, mostly with the M100. :(

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