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by ksm

Elan 2 + 2 for sale
by rcollum
Long story short, I clipped something and damaged the left-rear fender of my Caterham. I ordered the parts, and booked the bodyshop, which scheduled my work for 4 weeks out. In the meantime, the shop got my parts, and held them. When the day came to fix my Seven, they closely inspected the fender, and found that it had been damaged in shipment.

Note the pictures below - they circled the small spiderweb cracks on the outside, and you can see the cracks on the underside, in the fibers. Looks to me like something contacted the inside during shipment. To be honest, if the shop had not pointed out the damage to the outside, I'd likely have not noticed.

The fender is the left rear, for a rear-exit exhaust Caterham, and it is pre-preg green. It's a good replacement fender, just not 'perfect'.  The part cost me $200, (plus shipping) but I'd like to recoup some of my costs for it, and see it go to a good home. (Extra fender gasket included.)  I am in Northern Virginia, so I'd make a good deal for local pickup!

--Bob Collum

P.S.:  BTW, please learn from me:
1.) Do not ship directly from a parts supplier to a body shop - my shop didn't look at the fender for 4 weeks. When damage was detected, they had already thrown away the shipping box.
2.) A friend told me to always ship fragile parts via the method with the least 'handling' - UPS damaged this (but I can't prove it). I used Fedex for the replacement fender.

by rcollum
ksm Avatar
Oil slick button!

Nope!  Of all things, it's the windshield washer!  BTW, the washer reservoir is only accessible by removing the battery. 
Also, any use of the washer would certainly squirt more fluid inside the car, than on the tiny windshield!

--Bob Collum

by ksm
Oil slick button!
by rcollum
I sometimes wish my Seven's dash had labels! At cars & coffee, I occasionally let a kid that shows interest, sit in my Seven. (Hint for parents: I pay close attention to how respectful of the cars both child and parent are, before offering.) I have learned to take a cellphone photo of the dash, in case an exuberant child decides that a key part of 'driving' is trying out every toggle and rocker. Not a big deal, but it's a minor pain to have to turn off the blinker, shut off the fan, take the headlights off bright, etc, as I leave the lot.

--Bob Collum

For instance, do you know what this switch does?  Neither did I, when I first got the car.  It looked to me like a crude representation of a transmission.  I warned Debbie not to touch it - just in case.  Any guesses?

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Lotus completes factory revamp, craps customer centre plans by ksm
Lotus completes revamp of factory but scraps customer centre plans


Derin Clark
Published: 6:29 AM March 27, 2022

Inside Lotus Hethel factory
Lotus has finished £100m redevelopment of its sites - Credit: Lotus

Lotus has completed its £100m redevelopment of its Norfolk sites, which has seen its Hethel factory revamped and has created hundreds of new jobs in the area.

The investment saw two new production halls being added to its Hethel location, one of which is the pre-production for its Emira sports car and one for its Evija electric hypercar.

Originally, the sports car manufacturer had been planning to build a customer experience centre, heritage centre and a museum on the site. But a spokesperson said that this is now no longer going ahead, although the previous building was demolished 18-months ago as it was structurally unsound.

There are, however, plans to build a museum on the site over the next few years. No further details about this has yet been made available.

Lotus has invested in new technology at its site - Credit: Lotus

Since 2017, Lotus' Hethel and Norwich sites have almost doubled their workforce and last year a further 200 new operating roles were needed to support the launch and production of the Emira model.

The sports car manufacturer began its redevelopment in 2018, which has also seen its equipment updated with a high tech automated paint shop being added at its Hethel site, along with retail design studio and an on-site restaurant.

Its Norwich location has also benefit from investment with the introduction of the Lotus Advanced Structures (LAS), a fabrication facility at the site, which the firm stated will increase the efficiency of the assembly line.

Lotus' iconic Emira sportscar - Credit: Lotus

Now that its redevelopment is completed, the firm is set to re-start tours around its Hethel factory.

Tour groups will be led through the Emira factory by expert guides who will provide an insight into the story of Lotus, as well as walking them through older sections of the factory where the Elise, Exige and Evora were built, before leading to the new Emira hall.

Simon Lane, director at Lotus Advanced Performance, said: “Tours of the Hethel site were part of the Lotus story for many years and hugely popular. We get emails and calls every week with people asking about them but, with all the development work on site, it was not appropriate to have the public here. With the Emira now in production, I’m delighted to announce that the time is right to relaunch the factory tours.”