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Recent Threads/Posts

by rcollum
The Evija crash at Goodwood started a lot of conversations.  One of my friends suggested he could do that with less than 2000hp, and for WAY less money. 
I got to thinking; have I EVER had 2000hp, in all my cars?  Here's the lists of cars I have personally owned:  (Not including 'extra cars for family members'.) 
I COULD be claiming, among others, Debbie's current Smart ForTwo Cabrio, good for... 70hp... on a good day...

   Year/Make/Model                Advertised HP

1965 Corvair Corsa Turbo            180hp
1972 VW Type III Fastback            70hp
1975 VW Scirocco                         84hp
1972 Lotus Europa TC                 125hp
1984 Volvo 240 Wagon                114hp
1987 Acura Integra                     113hp
1991 Taurus SHO                        220hp
2001 Acura Legend                     210hp
2007 Lotus Elise                         190hp **
2007 Jaguar XK Coupe                300hp
2017 Subaru Legacy H6              256hp **
2006 Caterham 7 (SVT)              180hp **

** = still own these vehicles

So.... BARELY, with a dozen cars (so far)

Side note:  Do I buy gutless, no-hp cars, or what??

--Bob Collum,
Impressive Auto CV Is NOT My Thing!

by ksm
Now, this wouldn't have happened if instead of taking it there they had left it in my garage. 

Lotus Immediately Crashes Its 2,000-HP Evija X Prototype At Goodwood Festival Of Speed

by rcollum
The MG Car Club - Washington DC Centre will hold their annual British car show on Sunday, Oct. 13, 2024, from 9:30AM to 2:30PM.  The location is near Marshall, VA - at 7397 Frogtown Road.
We always have a good showing of Lotus at this show!

NOTE:  Advance registration is available, ($30) but ends Sunday, Oct. 8th -  mgcarclubdc.com/hunt-country-classic/

--Bob Collum


by unclejessc
Back injuries and completely deteriorated '05 seats have me on the hunt. I'm tall and need room for the helmet, so I'm leaning towards Tillet B8 or maybe B5. If anyone has one that I can take a test sit in I'd be keen to try it out. 

by rcollum
Thanks, Tom - I was out of town!  

EVERYBODY:  This is what we always intended this website would be used for!  Anybody with a login can post on here...

--Bob Collum

Your Particpated Threads

Photo of the Week

Lotus Technology Goes Public by ksm
As of today, Lotus Technology can be found on Nasdaq under LOT.

(in the US, that would make it US LOT). :)


Lotus News

Lotus Reveals Record-Breaking Order Books for Eletre & Emira by ksm

Lotus reveals record-breaking order books for Eletre and Emira

17,000 orders for the SUV and sports car placed worldwide as the company looks to bounce back from heavy losses


Lotus has confirmed that the first half of 2023 has been a record-breaker for sales, with around 17,000 orders placed for the new Eletre SUV and the Emira sports car.

Okay, so the eagle-eyed among you will point out that we already knew this, but the positive noises are worth hearing all the same.

The Emira was launched in 2022 and 2,200 examples have been built in the UK this year, a 381 per cent increase. Crikey, no wonder order books are full for the next two years.

And deliveries of the Eletre began in China at the end of March, with Lotus’ first electric car (we’re still waiting on the Evija, harumph) expected to arrive in Europe in a few weeks’ time.