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by rcollum
More from today!

--Bob Collum

by rcollum
Nobody was more surprised than I was, when we actually went down to our normal C & C lot, and looked at cars this Sunday. 
(During the winter months, few people bring interesting cars - we just have breakfast, and talk about cars at DeClieu Coffee House in Fairfax City.)

Because the weather was OK, the pent-up desire to get out and drive must have been strong...  Lots of people showed up at the coffee house, and several more went down to the Truist Bank parking lot
(site of our last GYLO - Get Your Lotus Out event).

--Bob Collum

by rcollum
We had 6 attendees at Hawk & Griffin today, to watch the F1 race!

--Bob Collum

by rcollum
No Lotus there today - it was very rainy.  BUT...  I drove my wife's Smart, and Smart is now owned by Geely, who also owns Lotus, Volvo, Polestar, and the London Electric Car Co. (which makes the black cabs you see, all over London).
Just to shame everyone who didn't come out, I show the pic of the guy with the old Ford, who drove there today!  His car has no windows!

--Bob Collum

by alan
I already have plans tomorrow, but I could do next weekend's race!

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Photo of the Week

Lotus Technology Goes Public by ksm
As of today, Lotus Technology can be found on Nasdaq under LOT.

(in the US, that would make it US LOT). :)


Lotus News

Lotus Reveals Record-Breaking Order Books for Eletre & Emira by ksm

Lotus reveals record-breaking order books for Eletre and Emira

17,000 orders for the SUV and sports car placed worldwide as the company looks to bounce back from heavy losses


Lotus has confirmed that the first half of 2023 has been a record-breaker for sales, with around 17,000 orders placed for the new Eletre SUV and the Emira sports car.

Okay, so the eagle-eyed among you will point out that we already knew this, but the positive noises are worth hearing all the same.

The Emira was launched in 2022 and 2,200 examples have been built in the UK this year, a 381 per cent increase. Crikey, no wonder order books are full for the next two years.

And deliveries of the Eletre began in China at the end of March, with Lotus’ first electric car (we’re still waiting on the Evija, harumph) expected to arrive in Europe in a few weeks’ time.