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by ksm
Emerson Fittipaldi On Lotus72
(image is just a thumbnail. the above link contains the video link)

by rcollum
Some perspective:

Chinese company Geely bought the majority stake in Lotus in 2017. They already owned Volvo, and Polestar, as well as the company that makes London taxis.  Geely has bankrolled the Hethel factory expansion, and the introduction of the Lotus Evija and the Emira models.  They will be producing sedans and SUVs in Wuhan, China under the Lotus brand in the next couple of years.

Since then, they have bought the rights to Smart, Proton, and Lynk & Co.

Geely CEO, Li Shufu, bought a 9.69% stake in Daimler-Benz in 2018 ($8.9 billion), making him D-B’s largest non-institutional shareholder.

An interesting side note - Lotus is purchasing a bunch of AMG 2.0 liter turbo engines, with paddle-shift transmissions, for use in the second version of the Lotus Emira,

due in 2023. (The AMG-engined, paddle-shifted Emira will be produced after the initial production of the Toyota V6-engined Emira models tapers off.) 
So, AMG engines will be used in Mercedes, Astons, Lotus, and Pagani cars.

--Bob Collum

by rcollum


by rcollum
SO, it's NOT just Kevin and me!

--Bob Collum


by Porter
rcollum Avatar
Lotus of DC will be located in Rockville, Maryland, and should be open shortly after the end of 2022.
This new dealership will offer Lotus sales and service.

The current info is that it will be a Lotus-only location, but part of a major local dealership group. We will keep you informed, as more info is released!
This is huge news! 

My Emira order is with Flow Lotus in Winston-Salem, NC, which is a really, really long way away from Alexandria.  :P

Thanks for the update!

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