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Recent Threads/Posts

by rcollum
A few interesting sights today...

A really cool 'chopped' hot rod...

This hot rod has TWO V6 engines!  (One has an air conditioner run off it.)

Bet you didn't know there's a company that can turn your Dodge Challenger into a mini-Dodge Daytona!

A pretty nice GT350R; it may even be authentic!

by rcollum
We started off with a little sprinkle of rain, but it dried quickly. All-in-all, a pretty good day. We had a few Lotus there - my Elise, Bob Scates' Esprit, and an Evora S.
Alan Olson was there with his Aston - I hope he has some better pictures...

I arrived at the venue early, so benefitted from having my Elise available for voters for a long time - that's what I attribute my 'Peoples Choice' trophy to!

--Bob Collum

by ksm
Oh, that's awesome!
by rcollum
Again this week, with plenty of other cars in attendance, I seemed to have the only Lotus at Katie's.  Where is everybody?

Plenty of other interesting cars of all kinds, though!

--Bob Collum

by rcollum
Is this the best Lego kit ever??

--Bob Collum

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